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The Creative Space (TCS) is a new generation coworking environment that gives freelancers, startups and micro-businesses the opportunity to work and collaborate in a creative community focused atmosphere.

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TCS Manifesto

Shot during our Grand Opening at 12 Dunlop St E by by Honey & Dear. Adopted Manifesto by Gangplank
In order to create a sustainable community based on trust, we value: collaboration over competition, community over agendas, participation over observation, doing over saying, friendship over formality, boldness over assurance, learning over expertise, people over personalities, "value ecosystem" over "value chain"
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  • I am writing this letter in support of Chad Ballantyne and his organization, Creative Space. I had the opportunity to work with Chad 0n exploring a Creative Space opportunity in Collingwood. Creative Space, together with the Small Business Enterprise Centre, delivered an information session on co-working spaces and developing a local co-working community. The event was very well attended by local entrepreneurs.

    Co-working spaces, such as Creative Space, are an important part of an entrepreneurial ecosystem. These spaces focus on connecting entrepreneurs to a broader community of interest while providing financially and spatially flexible working environments. Entrepreneurs benefit by not only having access to affordable working spaces, but also by networking and engaging with other entrepreneurs. This has the potential to result in increased sales or the possibility of collaborating on projects. Communities also benefit by being able to demonstrate that they have an established entrepreneurial culture. These collaborative environments are not just about the physical space, but about establishing a co-working community.

    I would like to congratulate Creative Space on their success to date, and recognize the amount of effort, hard work and dedication that has gone into this venture. Any community would benefit by having a co-working space such as Creative Space.

    Gillian Fairley, Manager South Georgian Bay Small Business Enterprise Centre
  • The Creative Space is a unique co working environment in Downtown Barrie. Located at the historic five points in the centre of our downtown core this business brings hundreds of employees and their clients into the downtown on a regular basis. The companies utilizing the Creative Space are service based and see clients in their space, at local coffee shops and in downtown restaurants over lunch meetings. The Creative Space has added value to the downtown by bringing professionals into the core of the city. They promote an environment that is conducive to living and working in the same neighbourhood and many of the individuals working at TSC support local downtown shops, restaurants and cultural activities. Clients of the businesses are constantly coming in and out of the space adding vibrancy to the city streets, creating pedestrian traffic and giving shops and restaurants an opportunity to attract new patrons. The Creative Space has become a staple in downtown Barrie. This venture has helped to revitalize our downtown core and has injected into our city entrepreneurial and innovative thinkers. These members of the creative class have a vested interest in downtown, are some of the city’s biggest downtown advocates and they are making a positive difference in the growth and development of our city centre.
    Lynn Strachan, Councillor Ward 2
  • Without a doubt, The Creative Space, through their coworking business model, has added an element of vibrancy and rejuvenation to Downtown Barrie. In just a single space, The Creative Space can incorporate numerous small, enterprising businesses that can work with each other, amongst each other or on their own. Each business can be ‘proud’ of their own space and yet collaborate and feed off the energy of each other. We know that the majority of business in Barrie and specifically Downtown Barrie is small by nature – meaning less than 5 people, and more times than not, one individual. It is extremely important for these types of businesses to have a spot to call their own and share resources. The Downtown is the hub for the City’s ‘creative class’ and The Creative Space brings it all together. The current business model not only addresses the working person but also targets youth and provides a foundation for creativity, individuality and resourcefulness to make a sustainable, economic impact to our community. The Downtown Barrie Business Association (BIA) is proud to have The Creative Space part of our business membership.
    Craig Stevens, Managing Director Downtown Barrie Business Association (BIA)
  • In today’s ever-changing, challenging and often fast paced economy, artists and entrepreneurs alike are constantly looking for new avenues to promote productivity and forward thinking. The Creative Space is an excellent example of how the business environment is evolving along with the workforce. I was very impressed with the venue, the flexibility of their programs and the overall feeling of productive collaboration one instantly feels as soon as they walk through the door. Well done!
    Patrick Brown, MPP Barrie